Another year has come and gone and we find ourselves both humbled and amazed at God’s goodness and presence in our midst.

Here is a quick review of just some of the things He walked us through in 2 0 1 8.



The first few months of the year gave us opportunities to invest in the lives of many in need of tangible things like clothing, food, resources. It also allowed us to be a listening ear, a voice of truth, a safe place. Our mission house is where many in the community have learned that they can come when they are in need.

The Donut Company continued to serve throughout the year as a place for Christ-followers to gather together and for non-believers to come and see what community is like within the Body of Christ. People from various countries, cultures, and even languages, coming together to learn and study the Truth of God’s Word, to sing His praises, and to serve one another in humility.

We were able to expand the fence at Grace House and begin another great year of loving these little ones! Countless meals were served and hearts were nurtured throughout the year!



April proved to be one of the most difficult months for our Amazon Network family as we unexpectedly said goodbye to our sweet Dane. She went home to be with Jesus in early April. Our hearts were grieved and we continue to feel the loss as our Body continues to learn to adapt to life without her here. Jhon and his girls have faced the trials and continue to seek the Lord, though not without much pain. She is greatly missed.

April also brought us two teams to come and encourage our family after the loss. It is always great to have visitors with a heart to serve and love our jungle family! I (Ashley) led our first annual women’s trip to specifically encourage the amazing women within the network. We had an amazing time together!

Our Grace House kids honored their moms (or mom-figures) as we strive to encourage strong family bonds and build up the hard-working caregivers in these kids’ lives.


Thanks to the sacrificial giving of many of you, we began the work to provide Joice (our newest Grace House addition in 2018, pictured second from left) a home for her and her five beautiful children!


Your giving allowed us to invest in Jhon, a kind man and father of a special needs child, in a very tangible way. We were able to get him the financial help he needed to get a brand new smile! (He now has a full time job to provide for his wife and daughter!)


More tangible needs were met as our family worked together to provide a bed from Pricila and her daughter in the home we assisted her in purchasing earlier in the year. Pricila has been an essential part of our The Donut Company family almost from the day we opened and we have seen the Lord work in her heart in many ways throughout the last three years. We continue to work to empower her to achieve her goal of stability for her daughters, one of whom she is still working to gain back custody.

Our family was able to go down to visit, encourage, and plan for 10 days… it was a busy but fun time of being physically together again, even if only for a bit.

A team from a supporting church, Capshaw Baptist, came and helped on Pricila’s house as well as Joice’s house. They were a tremendous help!


Joice’s house is ALMOST complete!


In 2018, we saw our Grace House family grow…..  

We saw our Donut Company family grow….  

There is so much more we could share! I encourage you to follow along with our social media accounts for more frequent updates!

In 2018, we saw the Lord provide above and beyond what we asked. Thank you for your prayers, support, and encouragement over the years. Please continue to journey with us into 2019 as we anticipate His goodness!!