Happy November!! It’s still in the 80s where we are but it’s 20 degrees cooler than a month ago, so we’ll take it! Ha!

WE NEED YOUR HELP! I know, I know. I’ve been doing this long enough to know that’s the quickest way to get people to stop reading.

But please keep reading!

God is continuing to grow the Amazon Network and we are so grateful for His faithfulness. There have been a lot of ups and downs over the last few months as we navigate the waters of loving in hard places. The jungle is a very heavily oppressed region. Injustice is rampant due to lack of infrastructure and government corruption. Our jungle family faces frequent bouts with illness and little access to medical care and the year-round heat and extreme weather conditions on top of the spiritual warfare. It can be very heavy!

I don’t share these things for sympathy but rather so you know how to PRAY. We need more people to be hands and feet. We have seen the Lord add to our family in unexpected ways and we are so grateful! But we need more!

Just last month, Priscila (left)(who works alongside Bea at The Donut Company) gave her life to Christ!! This came after a year and a half of loving her through very trying times, teaching truth daily in the shop, and showing her true Love through Christ. Praise God!!

We have many others that we are living life alongside of daily, speaking Truth, living differently, forgiving, asking forgiveness, and demonstrating the Love of Christ in word and deed. Pray for these! Here are some specifics to pray for: Sandra, Iliana, Natalia, Diego, Barriga, Nilce, as well as the kids at Grace House and the young men in the Javari Project.

In addition to great need for prayer for endurance, faith, physical health, we need FUNDING.

It costs around $4,500 a month to fund the entire network. What does this go to?

This goes to Grace House to feed dozens of kids and share the Gospel as well as teach them basics like reading and math, provide a safe place to play, study, and, for some, live.

This goes to indigenous families who are faithfully loving their villages and teaching truth.

This goes to disciple young indigenous boys from the unreached region of the Javari Valley.

This goes to empower locals to start small businesses.

This goes to employ locals in a loving environment so that they can earn a fair wage to provide for their families and at the same time experience the life-changing influence of the Gospel.

This goes to provide a safe space for community, for families, for discipleship.

This goes to allow missionaries the freedom and ability to serve in the region.


Will you consider making a one-time donation OR becoming a monthly donor? Every amount is helpful! (All donations are tax-deductible.)

Another way to be involved is through helping us FUNDRAISE! Do you run a small business that offers fundraising ideas? We’d love to chat! Over the last three months we have had several people help us raise funds in this way and it has been a tremendous blessing.

You can also help by SPREADING THE WORD! Help us get the word out about the work that God is doing. Right now, I (Ashley) am the main voice of the network as most of our jungle family does not have regular access to internet. I would love to have more people come alongside us who can advocate for this cause.

You can also DONATE A PORTION of your business profits. My friend Breanne Johnson recently launched a small fair-trade clothing business called Salt and Light Trading Co. and 10% of the profits from the USA line go to support Grace House. I also run Chosen Arrow Designs and 100% of the profits go to the Amazon Network. These are great ways to support the work.

Help us find a BUSINESS INVESTOR! Are you or someone you know passionate about using business as missions? We’d love to talk to you about getting involved in our dreams to expand The Donut Company to further our impact.

We are also hoping to take more teams down next year. Let us know if you’d be interested in seeing the network first hand to get a better idea of what we’re all about. This not only helps you know better how to be involved, it encourages our jungle family!

Please feel free to contact us with questions or ideas.

Here is the link to give one time: https://onrealm.org/CommonThread/Give/GVJDWJMXII

Here is the link to get set up for regular giving: https://onrealm.org/commonthread/register

Facebook pages: Amazon NetworkGrace House AmazonThe Donut CompanyChosen Arrow Designs

Instagram pages: @amazon_network @gracehouseamazon @thedonutcompany @chosenarrowdesigns

Website: www.theamazonnetwork.com

Thanks so much to all of you who take the time to read these emails, pray for our family, and support the work!! You are an essential part of what is happening in the Amazon!

-Richard and Ashley