Hi everyone!! Here is a quick update of the Amazon Network. (Attached is our prayer card! Will you print it off and put it on your refrigerator so you remember to PRAY?)

Thanks for reading!

We are so thankful to see how God is growing our family in the Amazon. We are seeing third generation disciples and it’s so encouraging and humbling to be a part of His work!
With that in mind, isn’t growing always accompanied by growing pains??
Maybe you’re used to missionary updates that report a lot of numbers and growth without the often times difficult reality behind it. Well, if you know me, you know that transparency is my M.O. So here are some realities that we need YOU, our prayer warriors to get behind. 
Grace House Amazon
As Grace House grows, we see more spiritual attacks on our staff and volunteers. They often face discouragement. And yes, even burn out is a thing! Please pray for renewed strength and faith in light of recent discouragements. 
With more kiddos in our day program come more needs to be met and more staff and volunteers needed. Which means more resources needed and more sacrifices of time and energy from our family there as well as our family here. Whew. Will you pray and ask the Lord ot continue to provide… and even ask Him if He would have you partner with us financially? Go here to find out more.
The Donut Company
At The Donut Company, we have been in a season for a very long time of needing to employ more locals… but not having the resources to do so! We need a financial investor who wants to invest  financially into this Gospel-based business initiative, with the return on that investment being the Kingdom of God continuing to be proclaimed through this endeavor. The Donut Company currently employs four full time employees and provides a space within this town for community and relationships to be cultivated in a Christ-centered environment. We know God is using this company for His glory and we are asking Him to provide what we need to continue that impact. We have the opportunity to expand into a second location, but this will require resources we don’t currently have. We know that if God wills it, He’ll provide for it. Will you pray specifically for more financial resources and for more workers? Would you be interested in investing? Contact me. 
Javari Project
Marcos and Josi continue to face many trials, both physical and spiritual. They need our prayers perhaps more than ever as the discouragements seem to mount. THANK YOU to those of you who give and pray for them faithfully. Please don’t stop!
Now, so as not to seem ungrateful or all ho-hum, God IS providing for needs and we are seeing His love being poured out in very real and tangible ways. 
(Don’t we have to empty ourselves to be filled up by Him?)
Here are some ways He is making Himself known:
–Joice’s house is being built! This has been a prayer request of ours for several months and you guys are rallying together to make this happen! Beyond that, it is leading to unity as several family members of Joice as they work to help her build out the home. THANK YOU! Keep praying…
–Jhon is doing well. His two daughters are both well after a bout with pneumonia and chicken pox. He has been wrapped up in the arms of our family there and we are seeing him truly experience the love of the Body of Christ and he himself is challenging all of us with his faith. He and his girls found a safe, much nicer apartment to live in and it’s in close proximity to Sam and Bea as well as the girls’ school. Keep praying for them…
–God always provides! As Marcos and Josi care for the 15 boys in their program, your giving helps provide meals for them. Fish soup, anyone?!
–Grace House continues to provide a safe place for kids to come and study, learn, play, eat, and experience the love of Jesus. Your giving allows us to invest in them, provide them with extracurricular activities to keep them off the streets and away from harm, and to teach them about Jesus.
–We now have THREE businesses that use a portion or all of their profits for the Amazon Network! (We also have 5 more kids being sponsored at Grace House since our last update.) By purchasing through any of these shops, you are supporting the work in the Amazon! Find them here: Salt and Light Trading Co. (10% to Grace House), Loyal Love Designs (10% to Grace House), and Chosen Arrow Designs (100% to the Amazon Network)
–Your giving allowed us to transform John Herrera’s smile! Sam and Bea met John through Jhon Barrios and they began a friendship that has been very encouraging and humbling. We are so thankful to invest in him, his wife, and their special-needs daughter.
–Our sweet mission house helper, Nilce was in an accident, but praise the Lord she only suffered minor injuries. Her glasses were broken, but your giving allowed us to replace them for her… an expensive thing to purchase!
–Your giving allowed us to purchase two more filters to provide clean water to Rosa and Jhon.
— God continues to use Bea to invest in Pricila’s life.
–Sam continues to invest in the lives of several young men in the area.
–THE LIST GOES ON! Follow our Instagram and Facebook pages for more frequent updates. 
Please pray for these needs and pray for our jungle family as they are the hands and feet of Christ in the Amazon jungle. Pray for me (Ashley) as I get more opportunities to share about the work and often feel the heaviness of the network, trying to advocate for the many needs from so far away.
We are praying for the opportunity to go down as a family in October. Please pray for the Lord to meet this financial need as well… plane tickets are a doozie!
THANK YOU to all of you who give, pray, and encourage us all in this work! You are such and important part of what the Lord is doing in the Amazon.
In His service,
Acts 20.24