Hi everyone! I hope that Spring has found you wherever you are. If not… hang in there! It’ll be here soon. (We’re already swimming in the pool here! 😉 )

Here is an quick update on the many happenings in the Amazon Network, as well as an update on the specific prayer requests we sent out a couple of week ago. (Click links to follow our Social Media pages which have more frequent and specific updates.)

Grace House Amazon

This week, we looked back on TWO YEARS of our feeding program at Grace House! What started as a simple program feeding on average 9-10 kids has grown into a daily endeavor to feed 26 kids on a regular basis! The reason for this is multifold: more kids are a part of our day program and are there during lunch hours, more parents in the community are aware of this resource, and ultimately God is ultimately broadening our scope of impact.

These 26 kids are a portion of the more than 60 who participate in our day program. While we are always grateful for the ways that God is expanding our reach, we also recognize that with the growing number of kids there is a growing need for resources. Please pray and consider giving on aregular basis to Grace House to help us continue to provide for the tangible needs of the kids in our care.

We are so thankful to see the parents who are able also contributing. Some will bring bread, some a whole chicken, some a monetary donation. We don’t want this to stop either! We believe in developing a community effort to provide for our kids and encourage families to contribute in this way (only when feasible). But most of the funding comes through churches and individuals.

The Donut Company

In February, we FINALLY launched our breakfast menu! This has been a dream from the time we opened two and a half years ago. This allows us to employ another local and be open more hours which will hopefully lead to more opportunities to love those in our community as well as increase revenue that we long to pour back into the network.

It’s been a slow start, but we anticipate the breakfast gaining momentum as more and more people catch wind of our new operating hours.

Pray for Priscila as she continues to battle many challenges. She recently went through a situation that we asked you to specifically pray for. She is on the upswing and we are thankful for her consistently turning to Sam and Bea to encourage and speak truth into her life. Don’t stop praying!!

Project Javari

The boys are BACK! This means the work load is high for Pepe and Josi as they disciple, feed, and house these indigenous boys from the Javari. Pray for the many challenges this brings as the cultures of various tribes learn to live in harmony. Pray for Pepe and Josi as they face sharp criticism and other adversity like illness and lack of resources.

They are in need of another water filter… This is about $75. If you would like to help us meet this need, please message me!

The Amazon Network Gatherings

We continue to gather weekly in various places with several people from the community. It’s interesting to see whom the Lord brings to our meetings each week. We have some “regulars” but He also brings new people for us to get to know and invest in. Pray for Sam and Bea as they lead this effort to build community, empower Believers, and share the Gospel.

Jhon and Dane

As we recently mentioned, Dane has been sick for some time. She underwent an extensive series of tests in Leticia, all of which came back negative. While on one hand that is a good thing, on the other it has still left doctors in a quandary as to what is happening in her lungs and heart.

As a result, she was taken by air ambulance to Bogota on Friday. She and Jhon will be in Bogota for an undetermined amount of time. Please pray for the doctors to have wisdom and for Jhon and Dane to be encouraged in their faith. They need physical strength as well. Pray for their girls as they stayed back in Leticia with another local missionary.

Upcoming Trips!

We have a team of five heading down mid-April to encourage Sam and Bea as well as our Jovens Talentosos (soccer ministry). Pray for their trip!

I will also be leading a team of four women April 21-28 to go and encourage specifically the women in the Network. I’m SO excited about this! It’s my first time leading a group by myself, but I have dreamed of taking a group of women down for a few years now so I’m excited to see how it all comes together. Pray for us!

Laredo News

Richard continues to develop Rio Grande Flight Academy and has seen some positive response from the community. He has met with local committees as well as a Congressman and Senator. This program would allow him to invest in young aviators right here in Laredo, giving him opportunity to share Truth with them in the process.

​Richard with a local boy scout troop at a breakfast fly-in he organized

Please pray for Richard. His health has not been good in recent months. He has his regular cardiologist appointment on May 2. We are hoping that his heart condition has not worsened at all since his last appointment. He has been very tired and overwhelmed lately and prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Foster Care Update

We continue to move forward in our foster care certification. We only lack a few trainings and our home inspection.

​Candace, myself, Charity, and Terra meeting with a local ministry for foster families and the CPS coordinator for Faith-Based ministires

Additionally, I (Ashley) have joined forces with three other homeschool moms that God has graciously allowed me to build a strong friendship with and together we have formed what we call “The Hope Collective”. This is a foster care advocacy initiative to help bring awareness to our community and support to the foster families in our area. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response so far within the community. I’ll send a separate update with more information on this very soon. For now, you can find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you all SO much for your continued prayers, encouragement, and support of the Amazon Network. You are appreciated and needed to fulfill our calling to reach the Amazon with the Good News. On behalf of our whole jungle famiy, THANK YOU!

In His service,

Richard and Ashley

Acts 20.24

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