​So many prayers and so many praises! 

Thank you first and foremost for all of your prayers, encouragement, and giving for the Barrios family. Jhon asked me to express his heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you. It’s an incredible joy for me to share with you that over $17,000 came in to help cover expenses related to Dane’s passing, travel for Jhon and his girls, as well as to help him over the next year as they adapt to this new season of life. What an incredible example of the Body of Christ coming together to honor and love our brother. Thank you!

We were able to encourage and listen to Jhon. It was good to see him smile and laugh in the midst of the heartache. His faith is inspirational, to say the least. 
Here is an update of just some of the happenings in the Amazon Network:
Grace House Amazon
I (Ashley) was able to go down to the Amazon in late April to spend a week with our family there, along with three women that joined me. It was a blast!! While there, spent a day at Grace House, loving on the kids and the staff. Games, activities, songs, and an epic soccer match were the highlights of the day. That night, we gathered up our ladies and we stayed up until almost midnight sharing our stories on the porch of Grace House. It’s truly amazing how alike we are in our need for God’s grace and mercy. Dispite differences of language and culture, we are all just sinners in need of Jesus, learning to walk in community together.

Overall, Grace House is doing well. We are seeing progress in many of the kids’ academically, spiritually, and emotionally. More and more caregivers are hearing about our day program and wanting to enroll their kids. Unfortunately we just don’t have space! Unless there is an immediate need, we are having to turn away kids. Pray for wisdom (and funding!)
We have four paid staff, one paid tutor, and two volunteers who go above and beyond every day to love on these kids. At this time, we are only able to pay a minimal amount to each of our ladies. It’s more like a love offering, honestly. One of our goals is to be able to pay a full salary to each of them. This would be $954 reais (or about $260USD) a month per person. Please consider giving towards this monthly need of about $1,000. (You can set up here: https://onrealm.org/commonthread/register)

For Mother’s Day, our staff did an amazing job honoring the women who have assumed the role of “mother” to many of our kids at Grace House. Some of them are the biological mothers, but many of them are aunties, grandmothers, neighbors, and even siblings. We are so thankful for each of them!

Please continue to pray for Rosa as she leads Grace House, as well as Carla, Joice, Andreza, Vandreina, Eliana, and Aurilene as they serve right alongside her!
Project Javari
After a day at Grace House, we woke up early the next day to catch a boat to Atalaia. The road has been washed out for some time so a boat is the safest way for the time being. We got to the port and I realized I didn’t know how to get to Marcos and Josi’s house from there! Fortunately, it’s a small town and we hopped on the back of mototaxis and followed a guy who knew Marcos.

We spent the morning and afternoon hearing from Marcos and Josi and encouraging them. They are very lonely most days, but are deeply commited to the work. They have 13 boys who live on the property now and they are daily investing in their lives. Marcos and Josi are also both taking courses at the local college.
Their family home is ALMOST ready (after 2.5 years of building) and they are very excited to have a space to be a family, outside of the pressing needs of the teenage boys who have taken over their home 😉

They are planning a trip to the village later this year to spend time with Marcos’ family and do activities specifically with the kids of the village. The cost is around $1,000 for fuel. Please contact us if you’d like to contribute to this need.

Recently they have been going door to door, inviting the indigenous families and children from around the town of Atalaia to participate in their Sunday gatherings. Please pray for them to have wisdom and strength as they lead in the community.
The Donut Company
We continue to gather together on Sunday evenings to encourage one another and challenge one another. The stories we could share of how the Lord is moving and working would fill a book! Please keep praying for us to be a place of refuge and hope for those lost and lonely in the city of Leticia.

On the “business” side of things, we continue to see slow growth. Our breakfast is slowly gaining momentum and the airport they are building is making slow progress. Our goal is to open a smaller location in the airport which will no doubt boost sales AND allow us to employ more locals AND allow us to love on more customers and the community as a whole.
Thanks to your prayers and giving, we were able to help Priscila purchase a property close to town. It needs a LOT of TLC (we’re hoping to have a team come down later this year for an “Extreme Makeover: Amazon Edition” for this purpose!) But we are so thankful that she now has a place to make a home with her daughter, Kiara, and Lord willing will be able to gain back custody of her other daughter Luisa.

Sam and Bea
Please continue to pray for Sam and Bea as they maintain a leadership role within our community. The heaviness of the needs around them can be very overwhelming at times. They get tired and lonely. Pray for them to be strengthened and encouraged. They were very grateful for the two teams that came down in April to pour into them. They are hoping to travel to the States later this year (the first time for Bea and their son, Jojo!) to participate in Sam’s brother’s wedding and to hopefully raise more mothly support.

Laredo News
We are doing well here in Laredo, though we continue to miss our jungle family greatly. We maintain daily communication and involvement, but we often long to be physically present. We are thankful for the opportunities we’re given to travel down. Richard plans to go back in June for a short trip to spend time specifically with Jhon.
We are hopeful to travel down as a family in October, but we are asking the Lord for wisdom. Richard’s most recent cardiologist appointment wasn’t as favorable as we had hoped so we are waiting on a few things before we pursue that trip.
We have a couple of families that we gather with each week to encourage one another. Pray for us as we work to build community and also for the Hope Collective, the foster care initiative our friends and we have started.
We are still in the process of becoming certified for foster care, though it looks like it will be August before we can finish due to Richard’s flight schedule.
(Our friends Terra and Bryan (second couple from right) just moved to Ohio, and we miss them greatly! Please pray for them as they adapt to a new chapter in life, seeking what God has for them.)
Prayer requests:
-Rosa asks that we specifically pray for her youngest son, Gabriel. He doesn’t know the Lord and is making poor choices that are affecting not only him, but also his daughter and girlfriend. 
-Pray for Richard’s health. 
-Pray for Marcos Cocama and Raquel. Raquel was recently very sick with an unknown virus that left her temporarily paralyzed. She is doing much better now, but they are still unsure what she had and if it could come back. 
-Pray for Marcos Mayoruna as he has an ongoing back problem and is getting over {another} bout with malaria. 
-Pray for Grace House to continue to be funded and for us to have wisdom in decision making. 
-Pray for Jhon and his girls as they adapt to life without Dane. Pray for Jhon to have wisdom in decision making as well. 
-Pray for The Donut Company as we invest in the lives of our employees and reach out to the community. 
We need more funding. Please consider giving to the many ministries and outreaches so that we can continue to impact this region of the Amazon with the Gospel. Here is the link to give: http://theamazonnetwork.com/give
If you would like to travel down to the Amazon, please contact me!
As always, follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for more frequent updates, stories, and pictures!!
THANK YOU! for giving and praying. We are so grateful for each and every one of you.
In His service,
Ashley (and our whole jungle family!)