Happy Fall, y’all! Unless of course you’re located in the south where it’s still swimming weather, in which case I’ll say “happy extended summer!” 😉

Here is a brief overview of some of the happenings in the Amazon!
The Amazon Network is funding completely by churches and individuals who believe in the work He is doing through His Body. When you give, pray, and follow are journey, you are an active part of the work. On behalf of our whole jungle family, THANK YOU!
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Grace House Amazon
We have walked through some trials with our staff this past month. Carla is taking a break from her role at Grace House. She is still a part of our family and will hopefully join the ranks again soon, but for now she’s stepping back. Her baby is due soon so please pray!
Rosa was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Please pray for her to have wisdom and self-discipline to do as the doctors have told her for her health to improve.
The kiddos are doing great! We are so blessed to work with them each day and to have the opportunity to minister to their families. Be sure to follow our Instagram and Facebook for more updates!
The Donut Company
This month we celebrate THREE YEARS! That is so hard to believe. It’s been three years of ups and downs, highs and lows but mostly overwhelming blessing to be a part of the work that God has for us in loving our employees and customers well.
Pray for us as we hope to open a second location at the new airport if God would allow. But we need more funding and staff for this!
We are planning to hire a two new employees this week so pray for us as we build relationships with them and as they integrate into our TDC family.
Pray for Pricila as she continues to face challenges in regards to her house that she purchased and with the custody of her older daughter.
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The Javari Project
Pepe and Josi continue to serve faithfully in the Javari region. Pray for them as they invest in the lives of the boys in their care and as they plan a trip to spend time in the villages along the river in the next few months.
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Sam and Bea
We are SO excited to share that Bea was approved for her US tourist visa so they will be traveling to the US for about three months starting in November so that they can spend time with family and also share about the Amazon Network.
Pray that this is a refreshing and renewing time for them. You can make a donation to their gofundme here.
Jhon, Sara, and Moriah
Jhon continues to live in Leticia with his sweet girls. Jhon is still working at the manager and legal representative at The Donut Company as well as ministering to the Ticuna people in their village. They have been facing MANY physical illnesses in the last few months. Additionally it is still a very difficult road adapting to life without Dane. Six months have passed since she went to be with our Lord and it continues to be challenging in many ways. Please remember to pray for them.
Whittemore fam
We are doing well here in South Texas. We have some unexpected things coming up that we will share soon that we will need a lot of prayer for. For the time being, we have put our foster care process on hold as we wait for the Lord to give us some wisdom on upcoming needs. Prayers are appreciated!
Upcoming Trips!
We are VERY excited that all five of us will be traveling down in just a couple of weeks to spend some time with our jungle family. Thank you to those of you who purchased thumbprint magnets from the kids. This has helped go towards the expenses of that trip! (They are still available if you’d like to purchase. Here is the link! They are $5 for every 3 magnets, plus $3 shipping per order. They have raised $400 towards their $600 goal!)
We have a team from Capshaw Baptist that will be going down early November! They will be there to help Joice build her home and to get to know the various aspects of the ministry there. Pray for them as they prepare!
If you are interested in a trip, let us know! I (Ashley) am planning another women’s trip for April 2019, so hit me up if you’d like to join!
If you would like to make a donation to the ministries within the Amazon Network, please click here.
Once again, THANK YOU for following along!
In His service,