Hey guys! 
Is it just me, or has 2021 been just about as weird as 2020 was?! 
As we continue to navigate what it looks like to live in the current state of the world, I wanted to update you on the Amazon Network happenings over the last few months.

Grace House Amazon

Thankfully, Grace House has been able to function since early March! We are grateful that we have been able to continue to love and invest in these kiddos consistently. For many of these kids, Grace House is their refuge. It’s where they are valued, loved, fed, and given a safe environment to play, learn, and grow. Rosa and our amazing staff have seen so much growth in these kids. Many are understanding the love of Christ for the first time after years of experiencing His love through the daily example and teaching at Grace House. 

Of course, Rosa is always looking for ways to make the kids feel EXTRA special, so when she found out that little Luciana had never had a birthday party, she set out to change that! Luciana got the party of her dreams. We are so grateful for the privilege to invest in these kids and we are grateful for each of YOU that prays for and supports Grace House so we can do so. Thank you!

Leticia, Colombia
As you may know, we closed the Donut Company a year ago this month due to the weight of the pandemic. We still miss our customers and the opportunity to serve the community in that capacity, but we are so grateful that we have many of our former employees and friends that we made through the years that are a part of our community still! They show up. They serve. They share. They help. It’s really beautiful. 

 Lois celebrated her 2nd birthday and it was a great time of laughter and joy! 

Our Community continues to gather and invite others in to hear and experience the love of God through prayer, Scripture reading, and worship. Pray for these gatherings to be a light in a dark region. 

The benches in this photo were repurposed from The Donut Company floor and are now used in our community gatherings!

Care Packages
Ever since the pandemic began, food prices have continued to increase. We have had the privilege now of handing out hundreds of care packages in Leticia, Colombia, Isla de la Fantasia, Colombia, Benjamin Constant, Brazil, and Santo Antonio do Iça, Brazil. This simple, tangible expression of love has become a way to continue loving others even in the midst of quarantine and uncertainty.

Javari Project
Marcos and Josi were able to finish their house in the village. However, all of their plans were put on hold due to Josi’s health. She had Covid in April and though she has recovered from the virus, her health is still being affected, primarily due to the mental strain of the last year (honestly, the last decade!) of their life. Please pray for her emotionally and mentally. Pray they can all get a bit of a reprieve and be cleared to travel soon to Rio de Janeiro (where Josi’s family is from) to get a sabbatical rest before the hopefully move to the village later this year.   

Future Plans
“A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD determines his steps.” Proverbs 16.9

If there is one thing the last 18 months have taught us, it’s the reality of this verse, amiright?! We have had many plans, and God has consistently reoriented them, changed them, redirected them, or straight up shut them down. But we continue to look to Him for guidance and direction as we walk by faith. 

Please join us as we pray for the following:
-Continued favor for Grace House so that we can remain open and continue to be a safe haven for the kids of this town.-Vision and wisdom as we hopefully begin to implement plans for the home we purchased in Benjamin in February of 2020. -Direction for Sam and Bea as the look to purchase property to build a home in Benjamin, hopefully close to Grace House and the rest of our community there. -For Sam and Bea to be able to come to the States for a few months to rest and reset after a challenging year of quarantine in the Amazon. -For continued health for our entire Network!-For more opportunities to serve and love the community around us and share the love of Jesus.-For our family to be able to travel back SOON as we have been longing for this for almost a year and a half. The Leticia airport finally opened back up so we are hopeful that August or September we can make a two week trip. 

Thank you as always for your love, prayers, and support. They are felt and needed!!