One of our objectives within the Amazon Network is to create self-sustaining businesses to fund the many projects that are going on in this region of the Amazon. By empowering locals, we are able to not only able to help them live out the gifting and calling that God has given them, we are all made stronger as a Body as we work together for a common goal, to spread the Gospel.

The Donut Company is a Gospel-based business initiative that we launched over three years ago with a three-fold purpose: to a safe working environment for locals, to provide a place where community could take place, and to generate a profit that could then go back into the various areas of ministry within the Amazon Network including Grace House Amazon and the Javari Project.

This month we were able to hire three new employees! We are happy to welcome Maria, Natalia, and Thalita to our family! This is a step of faith for us as we continue to grow slowly as a business.

We also have THREE U.S. based small businesses that are now partnering to help provide financially for the many needs within the network.

Loyal Love Designs creates beautiful, handmade jewelry and gives 10% of the profits to support Grace House! On our recent trip, I was able to bring earrings for each of our Grace House staff and volunteers. We are brainstorming ideas to be able to use this jewelry to help local women even further in the future. Pray for this project!

Salt & Light Trading Co. is another business that support Grace House Amazon through their sales of ethically made clothing. And it is BEAUTIFUL clothing at that!

Finally, Chosen Arrow Designs creates pendant necklaces with a positive message and 100% of the profit goes to support the Network.

When you shop these small businesses, you are not only supporting hard-working moms as they provide for their families, your helping the Gospel message spread through the Amazon jungle of Brazil and Colombia.

Christmas shop with purpose this year!