Wow what a crazy couple of months! Time has been flying by lately.
Let me give you guys an update on what’s been going on here in the Amazon Jungle.

After New Years we had a young lady, Hanna, come down and spend about a month with us. It was really good to have her here participating in the ministry and also visiting with her boyfriend, Pedro. He lives in Tabatinga, Brazil, Just across the border and has became a good friend who participates with us on Sunday night gatherings and in showing Christ’s love in daily life.

After Hanna went back to the US, we also had to say goodbye to an incredible group of hippies who we have come to love dearly. They encouraged us all in the ministry here, but it was time for them to go to Peru to continue encouraging and building up the Church in Christ. We were sad to have them go but we will all be together again one day with Christ, if not here on earth.

A few Sundays ago, Bea had the idea of doing a bonfire in our back yard with the Sunday nights group. The only problem was that it rained almost every day of the week and there was hardly any firewood to be found, but God is good. He gave us a beautiful night and enough dry wood to have a nice fire. It was a very special time for everyone, singing and studying God’s Word around an open fire. After the study we roasted marshmallows and ripe plantain bananas, then stuffed the bananas with chocolate and marshmallows making a delicious Amazon S’more.

Every February, Brazil has a “festival” called Carnaval. It is a big party where they make crazy displays and drive them on trucks while people dance and drink. It’s pretty much a big party to get drunk and fornicate. In most of the town here it is a really big deal because there is nothing to do so you can either go to that and call it “cultural” or sit at home and listen to everyone partying the night away. To help the teens have another option there are usually retreats that take place during the same time. Benjamin Constant usually has there own but because of various problems they weren’t able. We decided to invite one of the teens from Benjamin Constant. He said he liked the idea of coming and asked to bring two other teens along with him. On Friday when he arrived he brought 6 other teens with him and Bea’s sister also came to visit the same day lol. So we had eight teens with us and we decided to go ahead and have a little retreat of our own here at the house. It turned out to be really good and the teens were very much encouraged. One of the teens ask me to sit down with him and he told me how he had been expecting the time here to be boring or for me and Bea to be irritated with all these people in our house. But instead, he felt very welcomed and as if he were part of the family. He went on to tell me he had been distant from God and had even thought he would never go back to following God. But during the time here he decided he wants to start following Christ for real and seeking truth in God’s Word. I was very surprised to here all he said and it helped me to remember that I am just a simple instrument. The one working here is God. He can use anything you are doing, even just opening up your home spending time with teens playing and answering questions, to impact others for His glory and to bring His children close to Him.

Another boy who came had the chance to hear the Gospel for the first time. He didn’t decide to follow Christ yet, but I can see God working in his life. The other thing that God worked out just perfectly was funds needed to do the retreat. We had a friend donate $100 to us and it was just enough to do the unexpected retreat. So God worked the retreat out perfectly.

At The Donut Company, we just started up breakfast. We haven’t had a whole lot of customers but slowly we have started to get more and more. One of the good things about the morning breakfast is that it allows Bea and Priscilla to spend time investing in the life of Andrés by encouraging one another daily as they work together.

Last night, we had a man named John come visit us with his daughter, MariaAngel. He came to one of the Sunday night gatherings a while ago and we got to meet his wife Natalia also. MariaAngel was born with microcefalias and is not able to move. They are very humble family trying to do what is right.
Last night, he came to our house almost crying with his daughter. He said MariaAngel has been sick and isn’t eating. He also has been working for a Colombian and was supposed to be paid but the man won’t pay him. Last week he worked for another Colombian on his farm and was supposed to be paid but the guy keeps saying he will pay later. Unfortunately this is a very common thing down here as the rich often abuse others. Once he told what was going on I expected him to ask for money (which he did need) but instead he asked if we could pray for him and his family. We prayed with him and he asked if we could loan him some money so he could get food and buy the medicine he needs for his daughter. He told us we could keep his documents (which are very import here, like giving someone your drivers license) till he paid us back. I was very surprised to have him say he would pay it back. We helped him with the money he needed (but we didn’t keep his documents) and we told him we would be praying for him and his family. I asked him if I could ask you all to pray for him as well and he said he would like that. So I want to ask if you guys can please pray with us for John, MariaAngel, and Natalia.

On Sunday night gatherings we have been studying about the Church. Last Sunday, we completed the church study and I asked five questions to help us all think about the church. It was very neat to see how everyone participated and to see the church growing together. This next Sunday we are going to start looking at Biblical missions as have a lot of YWAM teens who participate. Please pray that God will help us learn His truths always.

Priscilla is now living away from her ex again and this time it looks like she won’t be going back. Priscilla and Kiara, her little 3 year old, are living with Priscilla’s sister until she finds a place of her own. Just recently the house was robbed and the money she had been saving was taken along with some other stuff. The next day her ex called to tell her he had spent 500,000 pesos she had taken out while still with him to build a house she has been working on. All this at once is a hard blow and it is discouraging. But she still has a smile and she is not giving up. Please keep her in your prayers, pray for her as a single mother and all the responsibilities that involves, as well as her spiritual growth and walk with God.

We also had a really good time with our fellow missionaries in Atalaia, Marcos and Josi. They came over and spent a day with us talking and sharing about everything they are going through. Unfortunately there are some American and Brazilian missionaries in the region spreading lies about them and persecuting them because of jealousy. Please pray for them to have the strength to continue serving and spreading the Good News in the spiritually dark parts of the Amazon, especially with the indigenous tribes.

We have not been able to continue going to Benjamin Constant on Sundays to do the Kids Club because of finances. We are still trying to work that all out. Hopefully we will get the needed finances to continue that and do much more. Rosa is working with the kids every day though. One of the big reasons for going on Sundays was not only to do kids club but also to encourage Rosa as she is constantly under attack spiritually and persecuted for doing as God has called her. Please pray for her and her family as they continue to care for and love the lost and rejected in Benjamin Constant.

Richard and Ashley Whittemore are living in Laredo, Texas and working hard to keep us all going and encouraged. They also feel our pains and wish they could be here with us but God has them there for a reason. Please pray for them to stay encouraged and strong as well. They face many trials  as they serve God. Pray for there ministry in Laredo please.

Lastly, I would like to ask you all to pray for me and Joshua and Bea. We are planning/hoping to go to the States in late November or December to raise support and visit family. This will also be the first time for Joshua and Bea to see the US. We also are going to try to be there for my brother wedding in January. It is a big trip and involves a lot of documents that we are working on and working on and working on… documents take for ever in Brazil and Colombia. And we will also need to raise about $7,000 for the whole trip. Please pray for this with us and for all the other things God is doing here in the Amazon jungle.

If you are interested in supporting us or any of the ministries here, please let us know or you can go to this site and set up a one time gift or monthly support. If you feel God is calling you to come serve Him here as well please let us know, we would love to have you come visit or even stay and serve.

Thank you all for your prayers and support in what God is doing here. We love you all and are praying for you as well.

God’s servants Serving with you in the Amazon Jungle,

Samuel, Beatriz and Joshua Hamilton.

PS I will be posting pictures on FB messenger Payer group if you would like to join the group just let me know