What’s a typical day at Grace House like?

Grace House now has five teachers caring for the kids, two in the morning and three in the afternoon. [Carla, Joice, Rosa, Andresa (Volunteer), Vandreina (volunteer), Eliane (not pictured), and Ana Carla (not pictured)]

Each morning, 40 kids between the ages of 2 and 12 arrive. Thirty of them study outside on the patio while another ten study inside in one of the classrooms. Starting at 7am, the kids begin arriving and we start class at 8am. We begin with prayer, singing, dancing, followed by varios activities for the kids. Some of the kids bring activities and homework from their school and we help them with those.

We teach Bible stories and we talk about manners, how to respect your neighbor, classmates, your parents, and most importantly how to please and be thankful to God every day.

At 9:30, we serve a snack and then various other activities for the day. Around 11, some of the kids go home [to get ready for school in the afternoon] and around 22 stay for lunch.

Carla is in charge of the lunch and cleaning responsibilities. Joice and I (Rosa) help with those responsibilities until around 12 or 12:30 when they are complete. Carla remains the rest of the afternoon.

For the afternoon session, 40 more children arrive, 30 remain outside in the patio area for their activities while an additional 10 are inside with Ana Carla for tutoring. Some of the children arrive as early as 12:30 because they have nowhere else to go after they attend school in the mornings while their parent/guardian works.

We begin our afternoon session at 1:30 like we do with our morning session with prayer, music, and dancing. Between 2:30-3:15 we provide various activities until my daughter Vandreina leaves to go sell candy at the local schools to help with the expenses of Grace House. When she returns, the kids are served a snack and the afternoon activities continue.

Two days a week, on Thursday and Friday, we have play days where we plan special activities with them. On some Fridays we take the kids on field trips to explore and do outside activities. The kids always have a great time playing and we are sure to bring snacks and plenty of water. It’s very gratifying to see each of their smiles and bright eyes when they’re are playing and having such a great time.

How are the kids doing?

We have many children that, after joining us at Grace House, have learned to pray, even becoming examples to their parents.

Most of the children have a lot of needs. There are two specifically named “M” and “L” that have very specific and great needs. We ask that our brothers and sisters be praying for them.

We are so thankful and happy that we have many children that have grown a lot since being here. Many have learned to read but most importantly they are learning to pray. This is the most gratifying  thing for us. Their parents even share with us that they have seen the huge importance of God in our lives. Just the other day, the grandmother of one of the children came and shared with us that not long ago she went to lie down. Her little granddaughter “T” asked her what was wrong and she explained that she had a bad headache. Immediately her granddaughter asked if she could pray for her and told her that Auntie Rosa had said that when we experience suffering we need to pray and ask the Lord to help us. Then she put her little hands on her grandmother’s head and began to pray. Her grandmother shared with us that the pain immediately subsided.

Stories like this encourage us to continue strong in the work here with these kids so that we can continue to teach the great love that Jesus has for his children.

My own granddaughter who is only 16 months old spends only a few days at Grace House a week and she is already learning to pray and dance to the children’s songs we sing about Jesus.

Seeing these children singing and dancing, praising Christ, makes me so full of joy.

We ask that you continue to pray for more strength and faith to continue. That we may be able to help these kids grow in the knowledge of God and His love for us. Also pray for us as we help them with their school studies.

Thank you to everyone who prays for us! May God bless each one of you!

Brazil Director of Grace House Amazon