Happy New Year! 
We hope that this year is inspiring new hope and vision for you. 
I feel like so many of us are still in a state of limbo wondering what this year will look like in light of current events. This is true for the Amazon Network and our family. 

We ask that you pray for us all as we wait patiently on the Lord to renew our strength. We have so many things that we are asking for and we feel like we’ve been asking for so long but we don’t want to grow weary. 

Here are some specific prayer requests:
-Rosa has been sick with lung related issues for many months now. She had Covid earlier last year and then pneumonia last month and now has bronchitis. Her immune system has taken a big hit and we don’t currently have a way to get her any vitamins or probiotics. Typically we have teams or we ourselves go down and can bring quality items but this is not currently an option. Additionally at the moment, they are back under quarantine and cannot leave their homes to go across the border to Colombia where there are some options. Pray for healing!

-Grace House is closed for the month of January. We are taking extra care to let our family rest. We plan to resume in February, but that will all depend on the state of things. Pray for wisdom!

-Sam and Bea are working to get to Bogota to apply for Lois’ US documents. They were finally able to get checked into Colombia to be able to work towards that goal. They want to come stateside for a while this year to rest and to seek the Lord on their next steps in the Amazon. Pray for vision and provision!

-Pepeco (Rosa’s middle son) is working towards his nursing degree. We are excited about this new opportunity for him. He is very gifted (he is already a medic) and it would be amazing to have a GOOD nurse in Benjamin Constant (city where Grace House is located) as the medical care is very poor. Pray for this opportunity!

-Marcos and Josi have departed to build their home upriver, closer to the tribes they work with and Marcos’ family. They have prayed for this for years and the time has come. Pray for wisdom, safety, health, and provision for their family. We likely will not hear from them again for some time as they do not plan to return until their home is completed. They hope to have greater opportunities to build community closer to the tribes that they love and care for so much. 

-Our hearts are longing to get down to our family in the Amazon and have been for so long now. Please pray for open doors and wisdom!

As we move into 2021, we want to move forward in faith and hope. We want to believe that God is still in control and His will is being carried out in the midst of uncertainty and loss. Join us in this prayer.

We are so grateful for each and every person that prays for and gives to the Amazon Network. You have helped sustain dozens of people over the last year and we cannot thank you enough for your faithful love and care for our community.