Hi everyone!

We wanted to spread the word about some exciting things happening in the Amazon Network.
Grace House Amazon

Welcome to the world Rosa Moriah!! Rosa’s very first grandbaby and namesake. 
We are so thankful for a healthy birth and healthy mama. Of course, Rosa is beside herself with excitement to be a grandma for the first time. Pray for Bianca, the mom, and Gabriel (Rosa’s son and the daddy), as they adapt to new life as parents. Thank you to those of you at Capshaw who donated clothing and other items to help welcome Rosa Moriah into the world.
Please continue to pray for Natalia as she is in the last few weeks of her pregnancy and baby Yue Cristal will be here very soon!
Javari Project
In addition to the new physical birth, we are SO excited about a spiritual birth!
Last weekend, I got a message from Josi with a video of Marcos’ stepfather speaking. He had come to Atalaia to see a doctor because he was having serious issues with his knee. Since I’m not fluent in Mayoruna 😉 she sent me the translation in Portuguese. Here is what it said:

“I had a dream that I went into my room and two men joined me and put their hands on my head. The two men said to me that they were Angels from God and that He had sent them to speak to me. They told me I needed to leave behind the old practices like {traditional tribal} drugs and medications. They told me that these things would not cure me and that He is the Lord of all knowledge. He told me that  I needed to go back to my people and tell them that Jesus is alive forevermore. My people need to know this Truth about Jesus. They told me that I needed to worship Jesus alone and no other god. I, Tumi, now believe that Jesus is alive. When I return to my village, I am going to serve Him until the end. I am very satisfied. They told me to give my life to Jesus and not to have any fear. Jesus loves me. Jesus came into my heart and He will come into the hearts of my people, too.” 
After this experience at two o’clock in the morning, he awoke and his knee was healed. He was very excited about this encounter with the Living God and is returning to his village to share this Hope!! Please pray for Tumi and all of those in Marcos’ village. God is at work.
Marcos’ brother is also a Believer and has been pastoring in their village for some time, but Tumi, his father, never would go near their meeting. Now he is excited to be a part of the Body there.
{{Side note: If anyone knows someone who could help us add the subtitles to the video, please let me know. We would love to share the video.}}
Chosen Arrow Designs
We have some new designs AND–for all my oily friends–new volcano rock diffuser beads to add! These are great to add a drop or two of Essential Oils to carry with you throughout your day.
Our pendant necklaces without the beads are $15 and with the beads are $20.
100% of the profit from all of our sales go to fund the work of the Amazon Network in Brazil and Colombia. In the last 10 months, we’ve raised nearly $5,000 to go towards the efforts to spread the Gospel in the jungle. Thank you!
Here is a sneak peek…
“I Haven’t Been Everywhere… But It’s On My List” over world map
“Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander” overworld map
World Map
We have more new designs to show you (with better photos!), but we’ll be launching that at the beginning of May via Instagram and Facebook, so stay tuned!
To see more designs and to purchase, visit our website at www.onthebeautifuljourney.com/chosen-arrow
Thank you all for your prayers and support for the Amazon Network! Please continue to pray for funding and more laborers. There are many needs and we would love for more people to be involved in the work that God is doing in this region. God is faithful!
In His service,
Richard and Ashley
Acts 20.24