What better way to launch a new year than to welcome a new member to our Amazon Network family! Baby Lorena was born on January 3rd to Carla, our Grace House cook, and we are all smitten!! She is healthy and growing and we are blessed to have her. Pray for Carla as she raises Lorena to know the Lord and His great love for her. (PS there are TWO more additions on the way within our community, so stay tuned!)

Below we have detailed some of the current happenings within the AmazonNetwork. There is so much more to tell! With each new person the Lord adds to our community comes new opportunities to share and demonstrate Christ’s love in a tangible way. From single moms and dads to hippies to young people and everything in-between, God has opened the doors for us to impact the upper Amazon for His glory as we all use our individual gifts for a unified purpose.
Thanks for journeying with us!

The Donut Company family continues to grow and we are grateful. Not only are we able to employ four women, three of whom are young and/or single moms, we are able to provide a consistent place of community. Throughout the week we are open selling delicious donuts and providing space for families and individuals to build relationships, but we also open the doors on Sunday evenings when the shop is closed for intentional gathering together.

Our leadership guides those gathered through Scripture, we worship, we share, we pray, we cry, we learn. We are the Church. Each week the group varies. In addition to the “regulars”, we have visitors, seekers, hippies, tourists, and others who come and are able to hear the Gospel being shared in a safe, relaxed environment. Pray for these gatherings!

Grace House Amazon just started it’s THIRD {official} year of loving these littles and what a joy it is! We are blown away by God’s goodness and provision over the last four years. Four years ago when we first launched, we operated as more of a “safe house” before launching our day program three years ago for kids within the community. Throughout this time, we have seen, and continue to see, how God is using His Word to transform and impact the lives of not only the kids who are participating daily, but also their families and our staff. 

We currently have six staff members who work to care for more than 70 kids on a daily basis. Thanks to the faithful giving of our partners, we are able to provide an income for our staff members, feed bellies, educate minds, share the love of Christ daily, and provide a safe place for kids to learn, grow, and play. 

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We are planning trips for later this year and we would love to have you! If you or a group from your church community would like to come and visit the Amazon Network, don’t hesitate to contact us. We host multiple teams each year and would love to talk with you about the possibilities! 

Our Soccer Outreach Program,
Jovens Talentos, just celebrated FOUR years of outreach. Led by Boboco (Rosa’s oldest son), and partnered with A4One, a sports network based within our community in Birmingham, this program is designed to empower and disciple young men who are at risk. This small jungle town gives very few options of extracurricular activities that don’t involve drugs, alcohol, gang activity, and illicit sex. This program gives them an opportunity to develop skills beyond sports and to hear the life-changing Good News of the Gospel. 

In 2018, the Jovens Talentos team won the local Championship! 

The Javari Project
is in full swing for the new year!

Marcos’ trip upriver was funded through the generous giving of supporters and he will be able to go and visit several communities along the Javari. Please continue to pray for this ministry as they share Christ within the tribal communities.

In early February, we set a goal to get fifteen new Grace House Partners at $35 a month. We only lack SIX more commitments to reach this goal! Will you pray about joining our GHP team? 

Signing up is quick and easy on our website!

On February 25, Richard will be undergoing open heart surgery in Plano, TX. We are very thankful for God allowing us to be Stateside in preparation for this, before we even knew we needed to be! 

We have been BLOWN AWAY by the generosity of so many who have donated to help alleviate the financial burden. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. 

If you would like to donate, here is a link to our GoFundMe.