“The Lord’s slave must not quarrel, but must be gentle to everyone, able to teach, and patient,”
‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭2:24‬

This verse has been important to keep in mind these past few weeks as we are trying to get American visas for Beatriz and for Joshua and Joshua’s Colombian visa. Usually I am patent with most stuff but the other day Beatriz had to remind me to be patient and remember that God is in control. It is good to have a spouse who can remind you of these things when you need to hear them. I honestly didn’t want to hear it, but she was right (as usual). God is in control and if we are following Him and walking in Him, things will always be better. Even when we don’t think it is best and it hurts. He is good and knows best.

Prayer Requests updates

1. I thank you all for praying for Priscilla and her house. Things have changed a lot these past two months. Priscilla bought a house/shack that we were planning on helping fix up and make livable. Well the guy who sold her the land had false documents and the land isn’t really his. Now she is trying to take him to court to get it straightened out. It is very frustrating when you do all the legal stuff your supposed to but still get ripped off and Justice is not to be found. We are praying for wisdom in how to best handle the situation. As you can imagine, it is discouraging for Priscilla and hard to see where God is going with all of this. Beatriz has told me she can see that God is working in her life through this but Priscilla has to trust Him and let Him lead in this. Please pray for her as she is still trying to understand how great our God is and how all things work together for the good of those who love Him. Her little daughter is doing good, she is healthy and very energetic. Friday and Saturday she spend the morning with me and Joshua. Joshua and Kiara love to play together it is hard to keep up with them sometimes. I am still babysitting Kiara every Saturday morning while Priscilla is working, and it is good to see her grow.

2. I know many of you have been praying for Jhon Barrios and his family. We thank you for those prayers, they are very important. Jhon and his girls are doing good considering all they went through these past few months. The peace and happiness Jhon shows in his everyday life, is a peace and joy only found in Christ. He grieves and misses his precious wife very much but he hasn’t let that take away from his trust in the Lord. His littlest girl just had chickenpox and now his oldest girl has it. There are continual trials in his life but God is right beside him. Please continue to pray for him and his two girls.

3. We are hoping to visit the States this December. If all works out we will be there for my brother’s wedding and for another friends wedding also. This will be the first time for Bea and Joshua to get to meet my older sisters and their families. We are also hoping to visit some churches while there and speak about what God has been doing here. To go we have to get visas for Josh and Bea first and that is always nerve-racking because the person at the consulate could say no for any random reason. So please pray for God to have them approve the visas if it is His will. The other part that I ask for you to pray with us, is for the financial part that is needed. We have about $2,250 raised and we need about $7,000 for everything. Please pray that God will bring in the needed finances for this. We have a GoFundMe set up if you know of anyone who is interested. https://www.gofundme.com/sam-and-bea-furlough?sharetype=teams&member=477122&pc=wa_co_dashboard_a&rcid=6980eff3d2814d9db7152ccbd9ac6675

Thank you for all your support and prayers. It is good to know we have brothers and sisters walking beside us in this journey. We love you all!

Your fellow servants for Christ
Samuel, Beatriz, and Joshua Hamilton.

Whoever wants to come visit is welcome and you can try the bests donuts in all the Amazon Jungle! 😁

Dn Nilse is the sweet lady who helps out at the house here. Joshua calls her Grandma. She recently was in an accident caused by drums gay guys. She was pretty bruised and sore for a few weeks but she also broke her glasses in the fall. She is blind without them. Thank God some people have and we were able to purchase new glasses for her. She is very happy with them

Moriah eating a donut

We had Deb Hendricks a dear friend/mother and also a doctor visit Grace House and check on the Kids. Her awesome husband showed the kids some magic which left them in awe.

We had some wings with Yuley(wearing hat), Priscilla, and Kiara.

Jhon Hoyos finally got his dentures! Thank you all for praying for him. He is super happy with his new teeth and his wife is too 😁. They are all in Bogotá at the moment. His daughter is recovering from the surgery that went well. He is applying for a job at a store there now.