These past few weeks have been really hard for all of us here. We don’t totally understand why God took Jhon Barrios’ wife, Dani, to be with Him so soon. But we do know that she is with our savior and we will see her again one day. Jhon got back to Leticia with his two girls about a week ago now. I was worried about what to say to him and how we could even help him at all. But God is always prepared and when the time came The Spirit lead and we hugged and cried together. It is amazing to see God through all of this. Jhon is hurting but not at all deterred from serving God. He seems to be even more on fire for Him. Lord willing Jhon will be moving into a house real soon which will be better for his two girls and him. Please continue to pray for him as there are a lot of decisions  to be made.
Praise items:
1. We are very thankful to have had two groups come down this month to encourage and love on the Body of Christ here in the Amazon. God used these groups to strengthen us and to remind us of God’s incredible family. The group didn’t seem like a bunch of strangers to us, although we only knew two of the people coming. They seemed more like brothers and sisters who grew up with us. That is something that always amazes me about the Body of Christ. We are in the Kingdom and even living far apart we are all connected through God and His Spirit. Thank you all for praying for this time and thank you all who came down.
2. A few nights ago, Bea and I went to close down The Donut Company like normal. On arriving there, we were surprised to see Jhon Hoyos there waiting for us. Jhon is the father I mentioned before who’s little girl (Mary Angel) has microcefalias and can’t move. He told us that the next day she was going to be doing a major surgery on her hips that might allow her to walk. He asked us to pray with him for the surgery. After we prayed he said he wasn’t able to sleep the night before and it wasn’t just because he was worried about the surgery. It was something that he knew he needed to do. He then told us he wanted to give his life to Christ and live for Him. We explained the Gospel a little bit more to him and he then prayed to God. It was awesome and so unexpected. This experience reminded me and Bea that we are just showing God’s love to people but God is the one opening their eyes to know Him personally.
Jhon has been getting his teeth fixed for the past month. When he was younger he swam in a mercury poisoned lake (that the government was trying to cover up at the time) and the mercury poisoning has ruined his teeth and skin. We have been helping him to get dentures so that he will be able to get a job. His five top teeth have been pulled and all but two of his bottom teeth. He will probably get an implant or two to be able to fix the dentures too. That way they aren’t just loose in his mouth. This procedure is costly and we have been able to do what has been done so far because of a donation that came in for him. Please pray for God to help us raise the rest of the money needed to finish the procedure.
And in case you were wondering about his daughter’s surgery, it went very well and with some therapy she should be able to walk in a couple of months. Jhon’s wife, Natalia, is with his daughter in Bogotá, Colômbia while she is recovering. We will keep you posted. Thank God for this incredible family.
3. So we have been asking for prayer for Priscilla and her land she was trying to buy, but thankfully she realized that her ex father-in-law has just been lying to her and is not going to actually give her the land once she finishes paying for it. I say thankfully, because she started thinking about somewhere else to live. Bea has been helping her save some money and encouraging her to not spend on non essentials, with that she was able to save up some money and a friend who visited last year gave a some money to help her as well. She was thinking at first to build a little house/room in the back yard of her sister’s house.  When She took me and Bea to look at her sister’s backyard to think about how to build, we saw an old house that they mentioned was for sale. Priscilla went with Bea to talk with the owner and were able to come to a good price. (I did not go because if they see me the price will triple). Priscilla now has her own house even though it has a lot of work to be done on it. Seeing her realize that she is not helpless and that she is important is incredible. She was very sad because of the land she worked so hard to get didn’t work out but she has seen how God always knows best with all of this. Thank you for all the support and prayers for Priscilla and her daughter Kiara.
Prayer Requests:
1. Last Saturday Ashley left as she had come with the second group.  We were sad to have her go but glad for the time she spent here. Please pray for her and her husband Richard and their three children as they are an essential part of the Body here even being far apart.
2. Last Sunday we were reminded how you never know how your day might go here. Priscilla came over in the morning to ask Bea to go with her to the hospital because she had several really bad abscesses. When they got there, the doctor hospitalized her and said she would probably be there for four days. We were taking care of Kiara till she got out. It has been interesting taking care of Kiara, like two nights ago when I woke up to her blowing in my face at 4:30am lol. Jojo had already found his way into our bed at some point durning the night and Kiara was scared to sleep alone. She hopped in the bed  and I slepped on a mattress on the floor lol (I slept quite well). It is good to be able to see her and Jojo playing and having fun together. Yesterday Priscilla was able to leave the hospital. She is still sore but feeling a lot better. Please continue to pray for her and Kiara, being a single mom is not easy.
3. We are still planning our trip to the US hopefully sometime around December. We have been able to raise about $1,600 of the needed $7,000. We are also working on getting Jojo’s American passport and Bea’s visa. Please pray for God’s provision and help with legal stuff on this.
I have so many for stories to tell and things to thank God for but I will hold off till another time 🙂
We would love to have you come and visit us here and we can tell you even more about what God is doing here. If you would like to come and visit or participate in any other way please let us know. If you feel called to give to any of the needs here you can send through this site:
I will also be posting pictures on the FB messenger group. If you would like to be added to the group please let me know
Thank you so much for taking the time to pray and share in the ministry here in the Amazon jungle.
Your fellow Brothers and Sister in Christ, Samuel, Beatriz, and Joshua Hamilton.