Hi everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season! 

We had a surprise this past Friday when SNOW fell in South Texas! The first time in 13 years here in Laredo. My three jungle babies LOVED seeing it. It was their first snow experience. They didn’t get to enjoy it too much because they were all three sick with fevers, but I awoke them at 3am to make a snowman and at least get to touch it and taste it. (It was melted by noon that day 😉

There are lots of things happening in the jungle (as usual)!
In October we had a team from our supporting church, Life Baptist out of Vegas, come down to encourage and teach. We are thankful for them investing in our brothers and sisters, as well as learning and hearing from them.

Grace House continues to grow! We are thankful to those who volunteer their time to serve these kids alongside Rosa.
This past Sunday, some of our The Donut Company employees spent their only free day investing more time, energy, and love into these kids. And it was a blast for everyone! We hope to make this a bi-monthly event so that we can continue to involve our Donut Company family in the work at Grace House.

A couple of weeks ago was our 6th Annual Thanksgiving Taco Feast! We almost hit a record with 37+ people from 4 countries and 6 ethnicities represented. It is a such a beautiful representation every year of what the Kingdom of God on earth is meant to look like: diverse and beautiful!

The Donut Company continues to become more and more known in the community, allowing us to speak Truth and share Love with more and more people! Pray for our employees as some of them don’t yet know Christ. Pray for those who do to be consistent in Love and Truth!
Additionally, we have bumped up to #4 out of 28 restaurants on TripAdvisor! This is a testament to our awesome staff. We hope to expand The Donut Company when the new International Airport opens in 2019, Lord willing!
The Javari Project continues to invest in the lives of young men from the unreached regions of the Javari Valley. PLEASE pray for Marcos and Josi as they face constant spiritual warfare, criticism, and many false accusations. The enemy is active, but God is greater.
As you can see, many lives are being impacted in this region and we are humbled to be a part of this community striving to bring His Kingdom down.
Thank you to those of you who give, pray, and encourage! You are an essential part of this work.
We are in the midst of a GoFundMe fundraiser to raise $15,000 for many projects and goals we believe the Lord is leading us to pursue. 
Please take a moment to read what these funds will go towards on our gofundme site: https://www.gofundme.com/amazonnetwork

If you would like your donation to be tax-deductible, you can give through our non-profit website at this link: www.theamazonnetwork.com/give 
This giving will also go towards our goal!
Please contact us with any questions or fundraising ideas. The needs are plentiful and God is faithful!
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Thanks and may you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
-The Whittemore Family