Hey everyone! 
Just a quick update on the happenings in the Amazon. We are so grateful for the continued prayers and support for the AmazonNetwork. It goes without saying (but here I am saying it) that 2020 has been a year like none other. Normally we would have traveled to the Amazon multiple times as a family and led multiple teams to work on various projects… but alas, we have not been once and sadly not a single team was able to go down to encourage and help our family there. It has been HARD on our community. 
HOWEVER, we are so grateful for the prayers, messages, and support that has continued throughout this strange season! THANK YOU!

Grace House continues to function and we are humbled by the privilege to invest in the lives of these kids every single day. We have seen so much growth and honestly the simple fact that we have been able to open our doors to bring some “normalcy” to the kids is something that we are daily grateful for. 

There of course have been challenges. We’ve seen several kids withdrawn due to concerned family members, which we respect that decision. But we also know that many of these kids are in difficult or even dangerous situations having nothing to do with Covid. Please pray for these kids to be cared for and safe while we are unable to daily invest in their lives. 

Rosa came up with the idea of doing care baskets for each of the families that we serve at Grace House. Since the pandemic began, prices of basic items have skyrocketed, with some items increasing nearly 50%! This is VERY challenging for families that already struggle to provide. So we are going to make 45 baskets for the families that we serve. This will cost about $1,000US. Will you pray about giving to this need? Each basket will include items such as rice, sugar, powdered milk, noodles, toilet paper, whole chicken, etc. This will be a blessing to many and with your help we know we can make it happen! Click here to give!

Pepeco and Sabrina are all settled into the home that we purchased earlier this year for the future expansion of Grace House. They are slowly making progress on the repairs needed on the home and we hope to get a team down their next spring to begin construction of the property fence so that we can make strides in the gardening project and livestock project. Pray for these things! 

Gathering at the new house to pray and worship

Per a government mandate, most of the boys that are a part of the Javari Project went back home to their communities at the beginning of the pandemic and remain there even now. Please pray for their health and wellbeing as the access to medical care is lacking at best on a good day and basically non-existent during this pandemic. 
Marcos and Josi continue to live in Atalaia and serve those around them in whatever capacity possible including providing meals and lodging as much as possible. Pray for them as the emotional and spiritual toll has been great during this year. 

After we closed the Donut Company, Sam and Bea were able to get a bit of time off from the heaviness and the daily activities that the shop brought with it, but it wasn’t long before they began experiencing very intense spiritual battles. If you have ever been to the Amazon, you may be aware that the spiritual world is active in a very tangible and present way that looks different than what we may experience here in the United States (though spiritual warfare is ever present around the world, we have experienced first hand how it varies in different areas of the world). 
Please pray for Sam and Bea as they work to battle this spiritual warfare. We are grateful that some good friends and brothers and sisters in Christ returned from a long trip through South America and are now able to invest in and pray with Sam and Bea. Without the Donut Company or the teams that would normally travel down, they have found themselves especially lonely in this season and are grateful for some companionship with like-minded individuals. 

Check out the Yucca (Macaxeira) harvest! 

Looking ahead….We of course have no idea what 2021 holds, but we are HOPEFUL and PRAYERFUL that it will return in some ways to “normal” and we will once again be able to travel as a family (we have cried many tears missing our Amazon family this year) and be able to lead teams. If you are interested in what that may look like, just reply to this email. We are ready to dream and scheme together 😉 

In the meantime, please keep PRAYING and GIVING when you think of our Amazon Network family. They are still loving and serving people every day and your prayers and giving sustain many people each and every day.