Hey everyone! I know it’s been a bit quiet over here but our community is still trucking along and loving people in practical ways every day in the Amazon. 

The quarantine continues to remain in place on both the Brazil and Colombia sides of the border, although the Colombia side is a bit more stringent still. The border has opened during certain parts of the day and the river is open for travel as well. Read below for an update on what has been happening over the last few months and what’s going on now!

Sam and Bea spent several months investing in the life of our former The Donut Company employee, Andres. He began living with them at the beginning of quarantine and it allowed them the opportunity to invest in him in spiritual and practical ways. Now that the quarantine is slowly lifting, he found an apartment and has been able to get back on his feet again. 

Since the close of The Donut Company, all of our TDC employees have found work cleaning houses, making jewelry, and working odd and end jobs. We continue to be available to each of them when needs arise such as food and transportation expenses. 

Sam and Bea have been able to get some rest over the last couple of months after the close of TDC and it has been good for them to reset and get refreshed. Continue to pray for them as they wait out the quarantine and help people around them daily in practical ways. They were able to visit their families downriver for a couple of weeks for a much needed break from the stress and solitude in Leticia.

Together we are praying about future plans for our community in Leticia. Pray for wisdom and direction!

Rosa and our amazing Grace House staff reopened the doors on August 10! They spent time  cleaning, decorating, and preparing for the kids’ arrival. Someone even donated supplies to help them get started. Thanks to our faithful donors, they were also able to buy new cabinet covers, a new stove and television, and they rebuilt the fence outside that provides a safer place for the kids to play outside of the home. 

The staff was able to participate in a Children’s Ministry course offered by a local organization. I joked with Rosa that SHE could be the one to TEACH the course 😉 but they all thoroughly enjoyed it and have some new ideas to implement for the relaunch of the year. 

Of course, Rosa is always looking for ways to bring a smile to the faces of the kids and has organized special activities already, like a field trip to the beach and a “pool day” at Grace House.

Several of our kids also continue to participate in the GH dance club, traveling around town and performing to share the hope and love of Christ. 

Rosa and our family in Benjamin decided to spend a day making meals for the addicts that live in the streets down by the river. This is something they hope to start doing more regularly as a practical way to show Love to those who aren’t typically thought of and cared for. 

Sam and Bea decided to use the leftover wood and resources from TDC to build a space for {future} community gatherings in the backyard of their home/mission house. They did a great job and we all look forward to the day when gatherings can resume! 

HOUSE PURCHASE FINALIZED!You may remember that back in February, we received the remaining funds for the purchase of the land and house for the future of Grace House. Immediately after that is when the Covid pandemic began and it has literally taken 7 MONTHS to get the money transfered to the (now former) owner. But I am SO HAPPY to announce it is transferred and the purchase is complete! Pepeco, his wife Sabrina, and their sweet baby girl Luiza Myrella are now ready to move in as the caretakers of the home. We are so excited to see what God has in store for this home and property. 

The interior of Brazil continues to be a place of quarantine and concern with the coronavirus situation. Please pray for Marcos and Josi as well as Marcos and Raquel as they live and serve those around them, many of whom lived in fear and superstition before the coronavirus and now it has increased those things in many ways. Pray that they can find Hope and Peace and that our community there can be a Light to them. 

We moved! We now live in Birmingham, AL and we are so grateful to be here where our Common Thread Community is based. We are getting settled in and Richard is enjoying his job as an air ambulance pilot. We plan to travel down to the Amazon as a family in October, pending the opening of Colombia for international flights. We normally would have been down multiple times with teams, but the Covid pandemic has greatly impacted that. We all miss our family there very much, especially Mariclene, who has not seen her biological siblings in almost two years. Please join us in praying that very soon we can be reunited with our family to encourage and vision cast for the future. 
We just celebrated SEVEN YEARS with Mariclene in our family and we couldn’t be more grateful for the journey He has led us on and the growth we have seen in her and in our own hearts. 

August 23, 2013….

Recreation of that photo on August 23, 2020 😉

As always, THANK YOU for your prayers and support of the work that is happening in the Amazon through these Jesus followers. We are so grateful for each and every one of you who encourages, prays, and gives.