Grace House Partner

Imagine that you have a child (or multiple children) to care for, but you work 12+ hours a day in order to do so. And to leave them unattended could mean long-lasting harm. You have no reliable family to leave them with. School is only half of the day, leaving them alone for hours at a time. Drugs, violence, and sexual abuse are not only common but the norm in your town.

What do you do? 

This is a common scenario in this small jungle town and one of the reasons that led Richard and Ashley to ask themselves over four years ago when their living room was filled every day with these at-risk kids, “What can we do to change the status quo in this town?” (You can read the full history here.)

Today, Grace House Amazon is thriving, and we are seeing boys and girls grow physically, spiritually and scholastically thanks to the Grace House Day Program. We operate Monday-Friday for 70 local kids. Here, they have a place to study, play, eat, and rest in a safe and loving environment. Not only does the give peace of mind to their caregivers, it allows us the opportunity to teach Truth and impact the next generation for good.

And these efforts are funded by the sacrificial giving of people like you.

Will you consider becoming a Grace House Partner to help us provide meals, tutoring, and Gospel-based care for these kids ages newborn to 16?

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How do I become a Grace House Partner?

By committing to at least $35 a month, you become a Partner and help us provide care for 70+ kids each day.

What happens after I sign up to become a Partner?

Once you sign up, you’ll receive a Welcome Packet within 2 weeks with information on what our daily operations look like, the who’s who of our awesome staff and volunteers, as well as some “Grace House gear” to represent and serve as a reminder to PRAY for our kids and staff as well as their families. Each month, you’ll receive special updates and profiles on some of our kids, how they’re growing, and prayer requests.

Is my giving tax-deductible?

Yes. All giving is tax-deductible through our 501c3 non-profit, The Common Thread.

Am I sponsoring  a specific child?

Your giving will go to the General Fund of Grace House, allowing us to use the funds were most needed. This includes paying our staff, buying food and other needed supplies, as well as general expenses directly related to Grace House operations.

How much of my donation goes to Grace House?

95% of your giving goes directly to Grace House operations. The other 5% is goes to the operating expenses of our mission board, The Common Thread.