Javari Project

Here in the Amazon Jungle, many areas are strictly protected from outside influence. One of those is the Javari Valley, which is home to a high number of uncontacted or unreached Indian tribes.



While we as foreigners cannot carry the Gospel in, we can equip Indigenous leaders from the region to carry the Gospel.

In October 2012, Richard met with a good friend and Indigenous leader by the name of Marcos to discuss how we, as foreigners, could be involved in his effort to make disciples in this area. Marcos was born in this region and through a divine series of events, came to know Christ at the age of 19. Since that time, he committed his life to sharing that same life-transforming news to his people—and beyond.

Marcos has a home for young men who are from tribes deep in this part of the Jungle. He provides a safe place for them to live and study, meals, and some basic necessities. In addition, he disciples these young people, pouring his life into them so that they can know the true God and be equipped to return to their tribes, many of which do not yet have the Truth.

At the time of Richard’s meeting, Marcos was living off of $250(US) a month to provide for himself, his wife and son, and 15 indigenous boys.

Recognizing that this was not sufficient funding, we launched the Javari Project to help fund this ministry.

This project is set up like a sponsorship program. Donors commit to $30 a month to help Marcos provide lodging, meals, and study materials for the young men and women he is working with.

The program now hosts 15 young indigenous boys, though not all of them are fully funded.

The reality is, leaders like Marcos will reach the unreached in this area. Through providing solid, biblical teaching and demonstrating the love of Christ in a way that is culturally relevant and in their own language we believe that we will see believers rise up in these regions in our life time.

If you would like to be a part of this work, contact us. To give, click here.