Hi, from Samuel, Beatriz and Joshua Hamilton.

This morning I woke up with my foot swollen and sore, so much that I can’t walk on it. It is so strange because I didn’t injure it or do anything out of the ordinary that would have hurt it. I guess that is just one of the random things that happen down here in the Amazon Jungle lol. So today I am stuck in bed for now and I am able to take the time to write an update.

God is very good to us, He keeps showing me and my wife new things each day.
The other day I went with my wife to do some shopping and just as I was about to head in the store an elderly man started talking to me. So I let my wife go ahead and look for what she needed ,and I listened to the man a while. The man was talking about how his mother is Brazilian and she makes all of them speak português. If he talks to her in Spanish she tells him not to use that ugly language and instead to speak to her in the heavenly language of português. I didn’t really understand how it applied to me or why he even decided to tell me this. I wanted to go into the store with my wife. This guy was taking my time and I though about saying “ok, cool but I got to go.” But I didn’t. I realized that this elderly man needs to talk to someone right now and he is even more important than shopping. So I let the man finish talking and listened to him. Then he said good buy and crossed the street and went on his way. WHY??? I wondered, but when I saw the smile on his face it made sense. Sometimes we need to give people our attention just to let them speak and feel like they are important, because they are. I might never meet that man again but I will remember the lesson God taught me through him and his Brazilian mother and the smile on his face as he walked away feeling understood.

Praise Items:

1. Praise the Lord for two new lives! Two of the three pregnant ladies have had successful and safe deliveries. We are very happy for these couples and their new children. Thank you so much for praying for them.

IMG_5329Rosa’s (of Grace House) first granddaughter, Rosa Mariah!


Our sweet friend Natalia’s baby girl, Yue Crystal!

2. A fellow missionary friend (Jhon Barrios) has finally arrived in Leticia and is getting settled into an apartment with his family. We are happy that he is here to help The Donut Company family grow.


We had a very good time with Richard and Ashley Whittemore and their kids as they spent almost the last month here, encouraging and visiting us. Joshua is pretty sad as he had three other kids to play with and now is back to being the only kid in the house. It is refreshing to have other brothers and sisters come to visit with us and to share in what goes on down here. God used Richard and Ashley to encourage us in areas we needed, and we are excited to start some new ministry ideas here.


I was also very thankful for the opportunity to go on a week and a half translating trip with a group of believers.  They come down yearly to do a clinic and share God’s love with the people in some of the communities here on the Amazon. It was a great time as the people of the secluded communities were shown the gospel and the group encouraged and challenged one another to grow spiritually and in love.



Prayer Requests

1.  The car that all of you helped us to be able to purchase (thank you very much!) is at the mechanics shop still as we are trying to purchase a new head. This model of car is not very common here so it is difficult to find the part. We have a friend who is going to try and find one in Bogotá. Please pray that this all goes smoothly and we can get the car running again and out of the shop.

2. Please continue to pray for support in the Amazon Network here, that includes the orphanage, soccer ministry, indigenous pastors, and an indigenous boy’s home in Atalaia do Norte, Amazonas, Brazil run by a local indigenous missionary. We know that God will provide because He always does, but we thank you for your prayers in this matter.

3. Beatriz and I have been praying and feel the need for more unity in the body of Christ here. We are pretty spread out and recently everyone has been saying how they feel the need for more communion. I am planning on going to visit our fellow brothers and sisters more often and begin a weekly get together. This will be a time of prayer and learning together along with encouraging and sharing each others burdens. It sounds pretty easy but because we are spread out it gets a little difficult. We have members living in Atalaia do North, Brazil; Benjamin Constante, Brazil; and Leticia, Columbia. All three towns are pretty close to one another but there aren’t roads to just drive there on. We have to go by speed boat. Please pray for God to give the strength and safe passages for all of us to work together here on the Amazon as we show His love and kingdoms to the people here.


4. Ok get ready I’m going to share some money needs… At the moment, our personal support is at $450 per month. We have one full time supporter who gives us $100 and the rest comes from The Amazon Network funds. We really need to free up the $350 so that is can be invested in some of the other ministries here. We need to be at about $1,200- 1,500 to be able to do all that needs to be done here. I don’t like asking for money but at the same time it is necessary for the work here.  We are looking for people who are interested in participating in the work here by supporting us monthly.
If you are interested then please contact us, or if you have any questions about what we do here feel free to ask. If you don’t feel like God is calling you to support us financially, I ask that you please pray for us, and support us through prayer, as we serve Christ here in the Amazon.

Thank you for taking the time to pray for all of this, and for participating in bringing the light to this part of the jungle.
Your fellow servants serving in the Amazon,
Samuel, Beatriz, and Joshua Hamilton.