The Donut Company

...current state (nearly completed!)

The Donut Company storefront

Inside The Donut Company

Our very first donut making “success”!

Our current product… and yes they are as delicious as they look!

For a few years, Richard and Ashley had entertained the idea of starting a small, local business to fund the projects and ministries that God was developing. With limited communication and the inability to travel to the United States to share the vision, it was necessary to think more creatively to maintain the growth of all that was happening.

After a family trip to Bogota in May 2015, they noted that many of the travelers coming back to Leticia were returning with boxes of Dunkin’ Donuts in tow. Recognizing the demand for these tasty pastries, they decided to give it a whirl. They googled a recipe, bought the ingredients, and set to work, naively thinking it would be simple… Forty or so failed attempts later, they finally had a product worth offering!

Fast forward to July of that same year when God miraculously opened the doors and they signed a contract for a location right on the main strip of this small tourist-filled jungle town. By the end of September, the location was built and ready for opening day on October 3, 2015.

The Donut Company is still in its baby stages of growth, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t impacting lives already. Our ministry community works hard to maintain a loving, relaxing, and community-oriented environment that welcomes its guests and employees alike. Our employees receive a fare wage, full benefits, and are valued as an essential part of a team, not just another work-place. We have seen much spiritual growth in the life of each of our employees.


We have been encouraged, challenged, and blessed to watch God open doors to love people we would otherwise have no contact with. We’ve provided a comfortable place where families, couples, tourists, young people, and other Believers can come together over delicious donuts and coffee to build relationships, relax, and simply be together.

Please pray for the growth of this small business. Our heart’s desire is to see this company making money to fund the efforts of Grace House, the Javari Project, and reaching the Uttermost.

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