The Uttermost

When we first felt led to the Amazon Jungle, we had a passionate desire to reach the uttermost in this difficult, isolated region. We knew  little about what ministry among indigenous tribes looked like and we thought we knew what our role would be (you can read more about The Story here). Turns out, our role was very different from we had ever dreamed. And we are so grateful for that.

Instead of having the direct one on one role in an indigenous village that we thought we would have, God has allowed us to partner with some of the most godly, humble servants that already have years (if not a lifetime) of experience learning cultures, languages, and customs to reach these tribes with the Gospel in an effective and culturally relevant way. By coming alongside these servants to encourage, equip, and unify, we have been able to answer that original calling (reaching the uttermost) as well as learn what it means to work as a Body, with each part executing its appropriate job.

Here are some of the families that we have the privilege of working alongside and supporting:


Jhon Barrios

Jhon and his late wife, Dane, committed their lives to the goal of reaching the unreached with the Gospel. They lived and worked among the Ticuna Indians in Brazil for more than twelve years, enduring hardships and overcoming tremendous trials. In April 2018, Dane unexpectedly went home to be with Jesus. Jhon continues to live in the Amazon, working diligently as the manager of The Donut Company, as well as maintaining key relationships within the Ticuna village in which they lived for many years.

Jhon is a picture of servanthood and joy. In fact, we don’t know that we have ever met a more joyful person! His optimism in light of difficult circumstances is a testament of his faith in God and his love for people.

Together, they have two daughters, Sara Sofia and Moriah.


Marcos and Raquel
Marcos and his wife Raquel live and work in Palmari, Brazil among several indigenous tribes. Marcos is a Cocama Indian by blood, a fisherman by trade and a Pastor at heart, working as a spiritual leader in his community. He committed his life to the Lord after he watched the Lord miraculously save his wife’s life. He is a faithful servant of the Most High and has a heart to see disciples made among the local believers.

Raquel is a Yagua Indian by blood, an excellent cook, as well as an experienced hunter… yep. You read that right! She grew up hunting with her dad and can skin and prep a wild Paca faster than you can google the word.

Together they have six children.

Hugo and Jilma

Hugo and his wife Jilma live and work in Macedonia, Colombia. Both Ticuna Indians, they have a heart to reach their own people and surrounding tribes with the Good News. Hugo is a woodworker by trade and an excellent handyman. He has a servant’s heart and is always ready to lend a helping hand. He has made several beautiful creations and sold them through O’Sleeper designs, a community of craftsmen, designers, entrepreneurs, and mission-minded people that creates products to awaken and impact. This company was created by a friend of Richard and Ashley who shares the desire to facilitate the gifts and dreams of our Brothers and Sisters overseas.

Jilma is a picture of servant leadership. She is an amazing cook with experience in cooking over an open fire for hundreds of people for weeks at a time… without a single complaint on her lips. She is also a great gardener.

Together they have two sons, Hugito and Clevingston who dream of becoming a doctor and a pilot.